In 2009, Matthieu Dutheil, a passionate collector of Art Toys, decided to offer an alternative to the production of vinyl toys by founding the company K.Olin Tribu .

The figurines issued by K.Olin Tribu are manufactured and decorated in Limoges, thus benefiting from the official Porcelaine de Limoges, France label. Mission: Introducing porcelain into the creative worlds of graphic designers, illustrators, toy designers and artists allows a new approach to decorative figurines, whether limited editions or unique pieces.

K.Olin Tribu is based in Limoges (France), but its influence is global, thanks to the participation of artists from the world of graffiti, Street Art and Art.

Continuing in the tradition of K.Olin Tribu , Matthieu created the sales site ArtAndToys.com , which constitutes a logical progression of K.Olin Tribu . He wishes to establish a gallery dedicated to the online contemporary and urban art market, in addition to founding a print publishing house, thus making it possible to offer works by international artists at affordable prices. Subsequently, he opened the site to editions from other houses, thus expanding the range of works offered with the participation of emerging and recognized artists. On the site you can find original works, prints and limited editions from various well-known street art artists such as Kaws, Banksy, Invader, Obey, Murakami and Daniel Arsham, as well as contemporary art artists like Keith Haring, Harol, Basquiat and Beeple, for example.

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