Cleon Peterson, born in 1973 in Seattle, was immersed from his childhood in a bohemian family environment that encouraged creativity. Suffering from asthma for much of his youth, he found refuge in drawing during his frequent hospitalizations. Later, while residing in New York, he went through periods of drug addiction that led to stays in prison and psychiatric hospitals. It is from these tumultuous experiences that Cleon Peterson draws inspiration for his contemporary artistic work.

Urban violence, disadvantaged neighborhoods and the palpable tension that characterize them are at the heart of Cleon Peterson's work. The artist explains: “I paint a reality that not everyone has necessarily experienced, but which definitely exists, present out there. There is a kind of primary life that arises from this misery, and that is what I try to explore through my paintings,” while emphasizing his approach devoid of any moral judgment.

Alongside his career as a painter, Cleon Peterson has become a highly respected figure in the skateboarding world as a graphic designer. In 1998, he joined Shepard Fairey's California team of collaborators.

In 2009, Cléon Peterson opened his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, marking the beginning of a series of prolific artistic projects. In 2014, he notably created an impressive 50-meter fresco at the Palais de Tokyo.