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Discover the Engaged Art of Shepard Fairey, the Obey Artist

by Matthieu Dutheil 18 Dec 2023

print by the artist Shepard Fairey aka Obey, available on our website

Fans of contemporary art probably already know the name Shepard Fairey , the artist behind the famous Obey movement. With a distinctive style and deep social commitment, Fairey has captivated the world of art and culture for decades. At, we are proud to offer you a carefully curated selection of Shepard Fairey prints that will bring a touch of authenticity and engagement to your collection.

Who is Shepard Fairey?

Shepard Fairey is an American visual artist and graphic designer who became known in the 1990s thanks to his iconic β€œHope” poster depicting Barack Obama. But his influence and artistic commitment go far beyond this iconic image. Fairey has always used his art as a means to advocate for important social causes and challenge societal norms. His style is instantly recognizable, characterized by bright colors, powerful visuals and a strong sense of design.

wall made in Paris, freedom equality fraternity by the artist Obey aka Shepard Fairey, print available on our shop

The Committed Art of Obey

The Obey movement, which began with the iconic " Obey Giant " sticker, embodies Shepard Fairey 's commitment to socially conscious art. Obey is a statement against blind conformity and oppressive authority. Obey's works often depict revolutionary figures, strong political and social messages, and bold visual aesthetics. Each Obey print tells a story, encouraging the viewer to think and question the world around them.

Print Liberty Equality Fraternity by the artist Shepard Fairey alias Obey, available on our website

Exceptional Prints Within Your Reach

At, we are delighted to offer you an exclusive selection of Obey prints, carefully selected for their quality and meaning. Each print captures the revolutionary spirit and social commitment of Shepard Fairey . You'll find works that celebrate diversity, criticize injustices, and encourage deep thinking.

If you are looking to add an exceptional piece of art to your collection or give a meaningful gift, our Obey prints are a great choice. With limited print runs, these works are rare collectibles that are sure to spark conversations and bring out the soul of your space.

Explore Our Obey Collection

Ready to discover the engaged art of Shepard Fairey? Visit our Obey collection on to explore our available prints. Each work is accompanied by a detailed description to help you understand its context and significance.

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a piece of art that goes beyond aesthetics and embodies a powerful message. Add an Obey print to your collection today and let art make a difference in your life.